Oh la la its Derriere!

The set of Derriere’s video shoot, at Studio Ping Pong, was rocking, quite literally, when I arrived. From just scaffolding, Perspex, and in the case of the camera, what looked like an air conditioning unit, Studio Ping Pong had been transformed into a 1950s television studio. On a podium in the centre of a densely … Continue reading

Design Museum adds Kalashnikov AK-47, Sony Walkman and Midlands motorway sign to displays

The Design Museum has announced the acquisition of a further 13 pieces to its collections. Billed by the Museum as classics, the objects span the spectrum from the brutally functional to the cutting-edge of contemporary European design. Headlining the additions are the Sony Walkman and the Kalashnikov AK-47. The Design Museum has said of the … Continue reading

Interview: DJ Format

A player on the UK hip hop scene since the sleeper success in 2003 of his first album, Music for the Mature B-Boy, DJ Format is known for his funk-flavoured rewinds of retro hip hop sounds. Successful too as a club DJ, he has packed dancefloors worldwide and released several mixes, among them 2006’s Fabriclive.27, … Continue reading