A Walk on the Wild Side: Out and about in West Sussex this May

AS the days grow longer, the last days of spring bring bustling activity to the countryside as wildflowers blossom and young are born.  It’s a great time to get out and explore the variety of wildlife experiences West Sussex has to offer. Heralds of summer— Swallows return Aerial acrobats and high-speed feeders, Swallows begin returning … Continue reading

The English Garden

  At Gravetye Manor the painstaking restoration is underway of one of the most historically important English gardens of all time. Alex Oxborough met the man tasked with the transformation, Head Gardener Tom Coward. Many of the essential ingredients of the much-loved English garden, we owe to William Robinson (1838-1935). From the densely packed drift … Continue reading

Petworth House and Town: The Housekeeper’s Tour

Following in the footsteps of the legendary Mrs Cownly Housekeeper at Petworth House, Alex Oxborough explores Petworth’s past and present. Petworth House can be counted among finest of the great English country houses. Graced by some of the great names of art and architecture, most famously the landscape painter, JMW Turner, it is a ‘must … Continue reading

Vanessa Redgrave delivers stellar Brighton Festival 2012 line-up

The UK’s largest international arts festival is back with a packed programme curated by this year’s Guest Director, Vanessa Redgrave. Described by playwrights Arthur Miller and Tennessee Williams as “The greatest living actress of our times”, Redgrave’s credentials are immaculate. The only British actress ever to win the Oscar, Emmy, Tony, Cannes, Golden Globe, and … Continue reading

Troll Hunter: Childhood Nightmares Become Missed Eco-Tourism Opportunities

Billed as a horror movie, the Norwegian-made Troll Hunter is a little too thoughtful to fit firmly in that category. Instead it is that most rare and precious of creations, the low budget Indie film that transcends its genre. Filmed in the handheld mockumentary style of the Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield, the action centres … Continue reading

Cultural Olympiad events planner for Sussex

Consolation is at hand for the thousands who missed out on Olympics tickets.  The Cultural Olympiad, a nationwide programme of arts events launched in 2008. So far something of a damp squib in Sussex, it is hotting up as the London 2012 Games draw closer. Offering everything from world class theatre to walking tours, the Cultural … Continue reading

William Morris: Story, Memory, Myth, Two Temple Place, London

Portrait of William Morris, by George Frederic Watts, 1870 Artist, designer, writer and socialist, William Morris was a powerhouse of the Victorian age. So widespread were his talents and interests that it is difficult to pin down exactly who, or what, he was. This exhibition attempts to address this conundrum through one facet of Morris’s life … Continue reading

Oh la la its Derriere!

The set of Derriere’s video shoot, at Studio Ping Pong, was rocking, quite literally, when I arrived. From just scaffolding, Perspex, and in the case of the camera, what looked like an air conditioning unit, Studio Ping Pong had been transformed into a 1950s television studio. On a podium in the centre of a densely … Continue reading

Design Museum adds Kalashnikov AK-47, Sony Walkman and Midlands motorway sign to displays

The Design Museum has announced the acquisition of a further 13 pieces to its collections. Billed by the Museum as classics, the objects span the spectrum from the brutally functional to the cutting-edge of contemporary European design. Headlining the additions are the Sony Walkman and the Kalashnikov AK-47. The Design Museum has said of the … Continue reading

Interview: DJ Format

A player on the UK hip hop scene since the sleeper success in 2003 of his first album, Music for the Mature B-Boy, DJ Format is known for his funk-flavoured rewinds of retro hip hop sounds. Successful too as a club DJ, he has packed dancefloors worldwide and released several mixes, among them 2006’s Fabriclive.27, … Continue reading